UniSyn™ Image Fusion is a multi-modality image fusion software system (PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MR) which provides essential (spinning MIP, high degree of customization, maximum SUV in a volume measurements, study comparison)  and advanced tools (lesion segmentation, RECIST calculation, volume determination) to support radiologists and clinicians diagnose reliably and efficiently.

Instead of being limited to geographically restricted legacy workstations, UniSyn™ facilitates an organization’s workflow by allowing PET/CT SPECT/CT data to be distributed, read, and analyzed anywhere. It is vendor neutral and with a flexible IT infrastructure can be deployed anywhere inside or outside your facility, in thick or thin client versions.


Streamline your Workflow with Profile Customization

User based profiles allow for optimization of workflow. Storage on shared network drive or web means they follow you and are available wherever you want to work.

  • Define user specific keyboard shortcuts (over 75 functions can be mapped to shortcut keys)
  • Define user specific mouse button functionality for MIP and MPR viewports
  • Create and modify single study and comparison viewport layouts using UI based layout generation tool
  • Create custom color maps
  • Select color maps for standalone and fused views
  • Set crosshair type
  • Starting fusion opacity
  • Double click zoom full or half screen
  • Auto triangulate to max pixel

Focused: Everything You Need to Execute Essential Measurements

Gain insight from multi-modality fusion

Leverage fused anatomical and functional information to make better decisions faster with UniSyn™. Align and fuse images easily from different modalities including PET-CT, SPECT-CT, and PET-MR allowing for 3D manipulation and segmentation. UniSyn™ also fuses PET-CT to independently acquired MR or CT scans.

Diagnose reliably and efficiently

Execute your essential measurements easily using UniSyn™’s focused tools to simplify and accelerate analysis.

Quick and reliable diagnosis is supported by tools such as independent color maps for fused and non-fused images creating a more optimal viewing image and the ability to toggle and compare attenuation corrected (AC) and non-AC PET images.

Minimize workflow interruptions with industry leading image load time and UniSyn™ intuitive user interface requiring minimal set-up and training.

Efficiently analyze standardized uptake values (SUV), maximum intensity projections (MIP), and compare multiple studies simultaneously with UniSyn™ functionalities.

  • Calculate maximum SUV in a volume and area.
  • Identify maximum SUV pixel on 2D and MIP viewports.
  • List all SUVmax measurements with Master Lesion Index.
  • Click on a list item to triangulate all viewports to the SUVmax location.
  • Manual input SUV calculator; Weight and height corrections.
  • Calculate SUV LBM and SUV BSA.
  • Calculate total lesion glycolysis.
  • View MIP Images To Summarize and Quickly Detect Lesions.
  • Rotate MIP with independent window/ level, pan and zoom control.
  • Click on MIP image to triangulate to hotspot on 2D viewports
  • Display SUVmax for all Volumes of Interest directly on the MIP image.
  • Compare up to 7 studies simultaneously including standalone CT and MR.
  • Automated study alignment.
  • Synchronized zoom/pan/stack and crosshair position.
  • Store ruler and SUV measurements for later review.
  • Restore prior SUV VOIs measurements from earlier to later studies.
  • Lesion tracking of SUV, volume, and diameter.
  • Left/right or top/bottom comparison options, with customizable layouts.

Easily Review History and Collaborate with Referrers

Whether you want to save results for later review, discuss outcomes at tumor boards, or share with referrers, reporting is easy with UniSyn™. Export single images, series, as DICOM secondary capture, including MIP, in an output format that matches your workflow.

  • Summarize and distribute key image findings in multi-image series.
  • Copy images to desktop applications such as Microsoft Word® or PowerPoint® with screen capture to clipboard
  • Save fused series and secondary captures back to PACS

Convenient: Image Fusion Where You Want It

No need to be tied to your scanner vendor’s one workstation. With UniSyn™ achieve high performance with all the tools you need to read fused multimodality images anywhere. Work wherever you want; from the office, home, or on-the-go.

  • No VPN Required
  • JPEG2000 Compression for fast transfer
  • Full DICOM support
  • Wide range of installations possible with minimal hardware requirements: thin or thick client, thin client on MAC, PACS integration, as a DICOM node on your network, or any combination thereof
  • Flexible concurrent licensing

Advanced: Do More with Advanced Functionalities

Get the most out of image fusion with UniSyn™advanced functionalities. Efficiency and reproducibility is supported by AutoSegmentation allowing consistent measurement of lesion borders when determining max diameter, volumes, and SUVs. Quantitatively monitor the progression of lesions and the impact of treatment with Enhanced Lesion Tracking. Finally, maximize impact of available results by fusing standalone CT or MR to previous PET-CTs with AutoFuse.

  • Automatically determine areas, maximum diameter and volumes of lesions on PET images – segmentation.
  • Segmentation threshold based on percentage of lesion maximum or absolute SUV.
  • Automatically determine max SUV bounding box.
  • Store previous SUV max and lesion diameters measurements
  • Track lesion volumes, max diameter and max/peak SUVs over time
  • Graph lesion statistics
  • Export data to spreadsheet programs for further processing
  • Manual and automated 3D registration: rotate and translate in 3D.
  • Fuse standalone CT or MR to PET-CT.
  • Save the registered data set or export the fused images back to your PACS.


Learn More about UniSyn™ and How to Use It

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Interested in how UniSyn™ makes reporting and collaborating with referring physicians easy?

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