Ottawa, Ontario, November 15, 2007 Medical Systems Incorporated to supply their image fusion module for integration in Intelerad’s InteleViewer™ PACS image review workstation. The fusion module will help Intelerad customers diagnose abnormalities, such as cancer tumours, faster and with more accuracy. An integrated fusion module within InteleViewer™ eliminates the need for dedicated PET/CT workstations and provides the flexibility of enterprise-wide availability, delivering significant cost savings. The fusion module will be attractive for analyzing studies acquired from hybrid scanners, such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT. Within the module, clinicians will have access to specific PET/CT statistics such as Standard Uptake Values (SUVs) and volume measurements, and viewing features such as variable opacity, independent color maps, multiplanar reformat (MPR), and maximum intensity projection (MIP). “This relationship is a big win for Convergent Imaging Solutions because it allows us to demonstrate the power of enterprise-wide access to image fusion software,” said Mathew A. Thomas, President and Founder, Convergent Imaging Solutions. “Currently, advanced image fusion capability is only available on dedicated fusion workstations isolated in the scanning rooms. Nuclear medicine physicians, who specialize in reading PET and SPECT studies, and CT radiologists, who specialize in reading CT studies, are unable to readily collaborate on complex studies. With the Convergent Imaging Solutions fusion module in InteleViewer™, physicians throughout the hospital, and referring physicians who are connected to the PACS, will have access to both sets of images, along with the tools to analyze them, and share information.” “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Convergent Imaging Solutions”, said Randall Oka, President of Intelerad  “They have proven visualization technology that will fill the gap in our PET/CT and SPECT/CT modality support and help solidify our position as a leading PACS innovator and supplier to hospitals, imaging centers and teleradiology practices.” Intelerad will be demonstrating the PET/CT fusion module at RSNA 2007, November 25 – 29 in Chicago, Illinois, at McCormick Place. Intelerad will be in booth 4759, Hall A (South Building). A demonstration can be scheduled by sending an email to or calling Intelerad at +1-514- 931-6222 Second Press Release