Convergent was founded in 2007. At that time, studies from hybrid scanners could only be read on expensive vendor specific platforms and the need existed for independent fusion software systems that would make the reading of PET/CT and SPECT/CT images an enterprise wide activity. Convergent developed the UniSyn™ image fusion module to address this need and debuted a prototype at the RSNA trade show. In the same year, Convergent announced a relationship with Intelerad Medical Systems to supply its fusion module as a PACS plugin for distribution to Intelerad’s customers. Since then, Convergent has developed and sells a standalone fusion and nuclear medicine processing workstation with enterprise DICOM connectivity in addition to the PACS plugin. Convergent products now serve thousands of imaging professionals in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Convergent Imaging Solutions is based in Ottawa, Canada.



Mathew A. Thomas BSc, MSc

President and Founder

Mathew’s experience in image fusion started in 2001, when he was assigned the role of Software Architect and Development Manager of both the Philips Gemini PETCT and Precedence SPECTCT scanners. He delivered both successfully before leaving Philips to found Convergent. He has been working in medical imaging software since 1991, acquiring expertise in such diverse areas as radiation therapy planning, scanner acquisition systems, DICOM databases, and PACS.  


Borys Krynyckyi, MD

Dr. Krynyckyi is the chief Nuclear Medicine Physician at Personal Care Molecular Imaging, Wall NJ. He has been working with Convergent since 2008, providing invaluable insight and guidance on the clinical workflow and priorities for physicians who read PET/CT images.

Chris Henri, PhD

Chris Henri is a Medical Physicist and one of the three founders of Intelerad Medical Systems, a worldwide leader in distributed PACS, where he has the role of Chief Technology Officer. Chris guides the evolution of the fusion module by providing Convergent with the perspectives and needs of Intelerad’s PACS customers.