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Tobias Schifter MD, FACR, East Valley Diagnostic Imaging, Phoenix, AZ.

“In our diverse radiology group practice, we utilize different image fusion vendors to read PET/CT depending on the setting. In our hospital-based practice, we use what is provided by our health system, however, in our imaging centers we chose to use Convergent’s UniSyn image fusion software. Convergent’s UniSyn is by far easier to configure and use. Not only is it fast and efficient for routine work, it also provides advanced tools such as lesion tracking and study comparison, to a single prior study or to multiple prior studies simultaneously, with a wide range of user-configured settings and display options. Their setup is highly customizable and includes mouse-driven or keyboard-driven shortcuts and other workflow features that can enhance one’s reports. These features include lesion tracking graphs and exporting of key DICOM images to the report, keeping pace with multimedia reports that will become the standard of care.Service and support are prompt and painless. In fact, Convergent has taken the initiative to contact loyal clients for feedback and provide training on the latest features or revisions to accommodate workflow needs. This is a welcome service which is not typically found with other vendors where service seems to have taken a back seat to sales. I have been very happy working with Convergent and pleased with our ongoing relationship, now in its 6th year.”

Robert Lisbona MD, McGill University Health Center, Montreal QC.

“Convergent’s image fusion is available on all my PACS stations, allowing me to read PET/CT images from wherever I am, even if it’s from home to double check the work of a resident or technologist. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the stacking speed remained very good even on our older workstations. The software is easy to use and configure, and powerful. I routinely use the advanced feature to automatically fuse outside MR and CT series to our PET/CT scans. The service from Convergent has also been great. I am frequently offered personalized training and asked to comment on future development. I am looking forward to their next release when I will be able to view my nuclear planar images as well.”

Borys Krynyckyi MD, Personal Care Molecular Imaging, Wall, NJ.

“I use UniSyn routinely to compare PET/CT scans with prior PET/CT, CT and MR scans. It is fast, well designed and robust, even when I load 7 priors at a time. Convergent is always available for phone support and has been incredibly responsive in incorporating my feedback into their product. They release new features regularly and are passionate about providing me great service.”

Mathew A. Thomas, President & Founder